Casa Rural por Habitaciones FONTECLARA
in Riveira (Pontevedra)

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capacity: 15 persons
car access
house in town center
minimum rate/day: 40.00 € / 2 persons


Restored 17th century "registered house" preserving the style and warmth of a gentrymanĺs house in the Galician countryside. It has a traditional Galician hearth of great beauty, and 18th century, vintage, cellar; which back in time, would have been used to produce gallons of wine, not just for the house consumption, but for selling the product as well. The house has la little chapel next to the main building, a vintage 19th century raised shed (which back in time, would have been used to keep the grain safe from little animals and insects); very typical of this green corner of Iberia. In the gardens, not far from a group of bicentenary camellia trees, by the little chapel, there is a stone made water fountain with a delicious flavour and mineral qualities.


address: Lugar de A Ribeira - Parroquia Estradense de Santa Mari˝a de Riveira (Pontevedra)
GPS: ( googlemap )
latitude: 42° 44' 41.8700'' N
longitude: 8° 26' 35.6200'' W
altitude: 30 m.

Situated at about, the very geographical centre, of the Galician Autonomic Community in North-western Spain. 5 minutes from the nearest motorway, and 15 minutes from Santiago de Compostela and its International Airport, 30 minutes from the beaches of the Lower Rias of Galicia and 1 hour from the Naval Station of El Ferrol and the most northern coast of this green corner of Spain.


Bedrooms 8

The house runs a NON-SMOKING policy though, smoking, is allowed out doors, in the gardens, Fonteclara, also counts with a good size terrace, sun loungers and garden furniture, outdoor parking, outdoors swimming pool, a small library, a T.V. room with Satellite channels both national and international, and a large garden with fruit trees. The entire house is a WI-FI free spot for our customers who can enjoy the Internet 24/7 if that is what they want to. Usually, most people donĺt any free time to watch neither the T.V. not the Internetů as there is so much going on everywhere elseů sometimes, just watching the beautiful views or the sunsetů is enough for most customers. Still, the new technology is there for whoever might want to use it.

icoother services

Agricultural activities - Cycling - Swimming Pool - Open all year - Heating - Peculiar Building - Walking - Cards accepted - Phone - Library - Chapel - Privative Parking - WIFI - Satellite T.V. With National and International Channels (Sky News, BBC News, CNN and France 24 plus many more)

icomeeting point

FONTECLARA is an excellent location for Astronomical observations with the naked eye, and this is because the nocturnal light emissions from this sparsely, though well populated area of Galicia, are small enough to allow the visitor to appreciate a sky full of stars and constellations. Interesting to spot is our Galaxy, also known as the Milky Way which used to be use, particularly during the Middle Ages, as a night reference to those pilgrimages coming from all over the Christendom to visit the City and Shrine of St. James (i.e.: Santiago) the Apostle. So much so, that in Spanish St. James's Way might be use as an alternative to Milky Way. In the local surrounding area, there is a good range of cultural activities and workshops, which the willing visitor to this green corner of Iberia will inevitably find of most interest. Guests can fish in the river, about 200 metres from the house, tour the local Romanesque Art Route, or visit any of the Galician "Stately Homes" including "Rural Palaces" (like "Pazo de Oca" ) and "Manor houses", chapels, monasteries or "Calvary Sculptures" (i.e.: Galician typical stone crosses with carved representations of the Last Supper and/or scenes from the passion) in the area. Strolls along the river or through the vineyards and mushroom picking are other activities available in the surrounding area. There are local companies that organise horse riding and routes, as well as river sports, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc. Numerous popular and gastronomic festivals are celebrated, as well as trade shows such as the Turisport tourism, sports and rural development fair held in Silleda, 10 minutes away, and the Furniture Fair in A Estrada.