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is a first class Mudejar historic site which as well as historic resources such as the cathedral and the church of the Magdalena, it offers in its historic area a rich examples of urban Mudejar.



The city was declared at in its time an Historic National Site and its Mudejar examples are outstanding.

1. Cathedral (XIV-XVI) : French-Gothic style church modified inthe Mudejar style in the chapels, facades, the dome and the tower. The pulpit has a rail decorated with fretted knots in the Mudejar tradition. The quadrangular cloister is covered with a cross ribbed starred vault and is closed by some large windows decorated in fretted plasteerwork with geometric shape.

2. Tower and cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene (XIV-XVI): early cathedral with three naves and triple apse. Square tower decorated with Mudejar style friezes, zigzag and multiple  armed crosses forming diamond shapes, sapces with pointed arches, decorative friezes and large doubled semicircular arches. Timber roof in the lateral naves with even lined framing (parhilera). Simple ornamentation with brick painting and polychromes in reds and greens.

3. Convent of the Conception (XVI): interesting Mudejar latticework of carved plaster enclosed in the high choir. The exterior decoration of the tower consists of diamond shapes and Mudejar style fascia.

Also noteworthy is the surviving plastework of the convent of Santa Ana