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Alcañiz and its surroundings

An area with endless possibilities

MotorLand Aragón has a strong relationship with the city of Alcañiz and the surrounding countryside that is of great environmental value and includes natural beauty sports such as the La Estanca reservoir and Las Saladas wetlands.

Not forgetting, of course, the incomparable districts of Bajo Aragón Histórico.

MotorLand Aragón is in the heart of an area with an unparalleled natural and cultural heritage. It is a territory to explore and enjoy. Moreover, the complex will contribute greatly to the area through stimulating the entire region and definitively putting it on the global map.


Alcañiz, the Gateway to Tierra Baja

Alcañiz is a city with a long history, full of artistic and natural wealth.

Its cultural heritage bears witness to the different peoples that have inhabited the city throughout the centuries.

You can find prehistoric remains, traces of Iberian or Roman civilisations, vestiges of the Moors, hidden passageways carved into rock, monuments, palaces, churches, manors and medieval architectural treasures such as Calatravos Castle (one of the symbols of Alcañiz).

The local traditions are another unmissable feature. Alcañiz is a city that, during Holy Week, beats to the sound of drums – a deep-rooted tradition that makes the very spirit of the city vibrate with emotion.

It is also set in the heart of breathtaking countryside. The La Estanca reservoir and Las Saladas wetlands are just two of the natural beauty spots of great environmental value.


A unique and remarkable land

The districts making up the region of Bajo Aragón Histórico – Bajo Aragón, Bajo Aragón - Caspe, Bajo Martín, Andorra, Sierra de Arcos, Matarraña y Maestrazgo – are blessed with beautiful landscapes and offer a whole range of ways to enjoy being in the midst of nature and immersed in the local culture

This is a land of contrasts shaped by centuries of history and the savoir-faire of its peoples who have preserved their singular, authentic and unique identity, and who have also known how to conserve their valuable cultural and gastronomic heritage..

It is a place where you can taste the wonderful local delights, such as olive oil, Iberico ham and peaches, which have spanned the centuries and been granted Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status in recognition of their gastronomic value.

It is also the land of artists such as Luis Buñuel (Calanda) and a land full of marvellous places and people, inherited from a rich and diverse past.

You can find forts, castles, palaces, beautiful examples of religious Gothic architecture, medieval guildhalls, temples and chapels, farmhouses, towers, fountains and many archaeological sites.

Its natural surroundings, where water plays a dominant role, offer spectacular views across mountains and valleys covered with a rich tapestry of vegetation.