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icoCasa Rural CAN TORRES en Masdenverge de MontsiÓ

El Montsià is the southernmost region of Catalonia. It has a unique geographical makeup including a coastline bathed by the Mediterranean, the final stretch of the Ebro crowned by its delta and an inland plain framed, on the one hand, by the mountain ranges of El Montsià and Godall and, on the other, by the massif of Els Ports, a veritable green sea of olive groves, carob trees, almond trees and citrus orchards. It is precisely this geographical variety that gives rise to the diversity of architectural forms and styles in the twelve municipal districts comprising the region. Sometimes you can find yourself winding your way up steep, twisting roads, and at others strolling along straight, flat streets. It is this variety, too, that lies behind the area's cultural, social and gastronomic richness.

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