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icoCasa Rural MAS D'EN CURTO en Perello, El (Tarragona) de Baix Ebre

The region of El Baix Ebre is extremely unusual from the orographic point of view. The 14 municipal districts that make it up cover 991,6 square kilometres, stretching from the massif of Els Ports, with Mont Caro (1.447 m) the highest peak in the region, down to the delta plain.

Its capital, the two thousand year old town of Tortosa, is the focus for most of the economic, social and cultural life of the area. The small inland towns and villages have generally grown up round old quarters that still conserve examples of popular architecture, while the old parts of the towns and villages on the coast still have a certain nautical feel about them. Most of the newer villages have been built in the delta region.

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