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icoCasa Rural MAS RIUDEC“S en Arbucies de Selva

The county contains 26 municipalities divided between the coast, the plain and the mountains. This means that there is a wide range of cultural and entertainment activities, as well as the chance to stay in out-of-the-way places. Water is the common factor that predominates in La Selva county. Visitors can enjoy the water in many forms: spas, rivers and streams, rock pools, lakes and reservoirs, beaches and coves that reveal the beauty of the Costa Brava.

La Selva is a county with centuries and centuries of history and culture condensed into a territory spanning 1,030.6 km2. History recounted through prehistoric sites, Roman baths, castles and watchtowers, Catalan farmhouses, Modernist buildings, factories and countless heritage items, supplemented by local traditions, all kinds of museums and privileged natural surroundings.

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